Religious History of Misneach

In the beginning…

There was the One and the one controlled all. From His hands came the universe and the world of Misneach was begotten under Him. Life sprung from His hands- Angels, Animals, and Plants- and they prospered in His land. Then the One created the Diadhairn but considered them to be no better then animals and, expecting them to become the caretakers of the earth, allowed the angels to do as they pleased with them. The One favored the Angels amongst all and promised them paradise.

Time passed and soon the time came for the Angels to Ascend. However, some of the angels had lain with the Diadhairn and this angered the One, causing him to declare a day of Judgment on his creation. On this day, the One looked out upon his world and saw only chaos.

The angels, left alone to do as they pleased, had grown ungrateful and neglected the world they had been given. Soon, they had begun to quarrel. And eventually, split into three groups. There were those who had revolted against the One, doing what they could to find a way to overpower Him; there were those who were devout and fanatical in their belief of the One, who prosecuted those who spoke against them; and then there were those who were neither for nor against the One but had lain with the Diadhairn whom they cared and loved for.

The One saw this and was saddened. He looked out upon the world and was moved to destroy it. However, the angels who had tainted themselves by lying with the Diadhairn appealed to Him, for theirs was the land most akin to the golden days. And so it was that the One declared the humans as the rightful inheritors of His land, and those angels that mingled with them became their guardians (the [[Fair-folk]]), forever destined to watch over them as they lived.

The devout angels were called upon by the One and ordered to Ascend and become the messengers of the One- not allowed yet in heaven, but not truly part of the world. They became the Ancient Ones, called to oversee the Fair-folk and the Diadhairn. Those angels who revolted against the One were declared as the Fallen and were banished to another plane- to a part of His Creation where no light shined.

Creation of the Angels:
The One took the stars and the humans he had mdae and fashioned from them a more perfect being. The stars became like dust upon a humans skin and formed a pair of ethereal wings protruding from their backs. They shined with the light of a nova and their lifespan was multiplied tend-fold. They were beautiful and thus were called the Angels.

Fall of the Angels:
The One took favor upon the Angels and allowed them freedom upon the world. For many years they prospered and had power over the Diadhairn, the plants, and the animals. However, as millennia after millennia passed, some grew cocky in their power and began to question the One’s authority, and some began to lie with the Diadhairn, who they were told not to. Soon, they began to quarrel amongst themselves.

Eventually, their quarrels led to a great divide in which 2 groups were formed: those devout (stronger in faith, stronger in power) who believed in the One and was ever zealous in their beliefs and those who had revolted (fallen angels without powers), who began to question the One’s authority and grew jealous if him. There were also those who had chosen to lie with the Diadhairn, they preferred neither side but were still strong in their beliefs of the One.

And so, from this divide, there began a war- a Great War between those who believed in the One and those who had fallen from him. Another millennium passed before the war ended, and the One sealed away the fallen on another plane, never to see the light of day again. Those devout who were strong in their beliefs demanded their place in Paradise. However, the One had been watching and had seen the actions of the angels upon the world. He saw the Diadhairn and the tainted angels, and he saw how the land prospered under them. And so it was that the angels who had lain with the Diadhairn were left upon the earth, not banished to hell but forfeited of their place in paradise. Those devout, who demanded their rightful place in paradise, were placed upon a plane between Paradise and the Earth- to be tested by the One in a final act of judgment.

And so the One began the- Test of the Angels – to oversee the world and its inhabitants, so that it regains its former glory before the time of the Angels and the Great War. The One proclaimed this and said that the Diadhairn must survive as they are the rightful protectors of the Earth. They must prosper, and the Ancient Ones are not to touch them.*

Ancient Ones and Fair Folk:
Those Angels kept upon the earth became known as the Fair-folk. These fair-folk became fused within the powers of nature, to be overseen and governed by the Ancients. They were no longer allowed in heaven but were not banished as the Fallen had been. Their Diadhairn descendants were deemed the D’Angelines, and they were those who were not fully angel nor fully Diadhairn. They included those of the Fair-folk lucky enough to dwell within the human society and survive.

The Devout Angels, given newfound powers by the One, exerted their powers upon the Fair-folk, in spite and revenge, and banished these angels into the forests, oceans, and natural preserves of the world, stripping them of most of their powers and only rarely allowing them to interact with the Diadhairn whom they loved and cared for. After the segregation of the D’Angelines and the Fair-folk, these angels that were kept between the boundaries of the Earth and heaven became known as the Ancient Ones.

Religious History of Misneach

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