Races of Misneach

*Racial Desc- Duine Sith (The Gentry)

Summary: The Duine Sith are the men of the forest- long adapted to the ways of the wild. Giving up a small portion of their humanity for a closer understanding of nature, these men have become silent shadows and hunters, known for their martial prowess and there complete mastery of the terrain- as enough have made their homes elsewhere to show that no matter where they go, they have garnered mastery of the land.

Personality: The Duine Sith are short, to the point, and often caustic in nature. The Forest is not one to pull punches, and neither are they. They speak their mind where’re they go, and see no wrong in a harsh word, for as they say, ‘Crua focail ata iarmha Faoi; Gear cliamthe ata congarnach a’Bas-Harsh words are as leaves falling, sharp swords as Death’s Whisper. (A harsh tongue is easily forgotten, but an untoward act remembered.) They are, however, known throughout the land as loyal and stalwart companions- and few have ever gone back on their word.

Physical Description: They stand tallest at 5 and a half feet, with many being between 4 and 5 feet tall. They tend to have darker skin, as those who spend much time outside, but come in any common Diadhairn shade. Their hair is always dark, in all shades of brown, from auburn to black-brown. Their eyes, however, change with the terrain, from a stormy gray in mountain ranges to a green-brown in forests. It has also been known to change with strong emotion. Also, their skin has this quality, though it is hard to notice. They tend to wear armor at all times, of varying usefulness, and mostly leather.

Racial Relations: They find the nature of Faod disconcerting, and have a love-hate relationship with their cousins, the Duine Tiarna, despite their closeness. They find Acharradran somewhat frivolous, and Diadhairn untrustworthy until proven. They see the Laghairten as spiritual brothers.

Alignment: They come in all shades, but few are chaotic, as they find themselves well grounded and true.

Land: Everywhere, but specifically, the forests.

Language:Duin and Diadhairn (Common)

Racial Traits:+2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma: Duine Sith are agile, but harsh.
30 ft land speed.
+2 Racial Bonus to Hide checks- Their skin and eyes change to match their surroundings. It’s hard to notice, but is mildly effective.
Weapon Proficency- Longsword, Longbow, Shortbow, Short sword, large, small shields, rapiers, and bucklers.
Low light vision.
+2 bonus to listen, spot, search. Hidden doors=5ft.
Self-Sufficent- All are trained in the ways of the wild. +2 bonus to survival and heal checks.
Track, Endurance, or Run- All Duine Sith have an aptitude for speed, stamina, or searching.

Racial Desc-Faod (Enlightened Society of Magick and Tecknology)

Summary: The Faod are an enlightened race of engineers and scientists. Strange, bizarre, and something more then mad, they are seen as quirky geniuses, and many a scholar and mage visit their cities regularly. There is a goodly amount of travelers among them- more so then any other race besides the Diadhair.

Personality: Faod are inquistive and quirky, at best. At worst, they are disruptive and mad. Most fall somewhere in between, and happily live their lives experimenting and building, experiencing and learning. The Faod have a penchant for curiosity that has led to the comment, ‘fiosracht maru, coitanta Faod’ (Curiosity kills, most often foad.) They have no common predispositions unlike many other races, Besides a love of science and magic and innate curiosity, making each Faod different from the last.

Physical Description: Faod stand between 3 and 4 feet tall, with light or dark, ruddy skin, making them look much like little mud men, except for their striking green and gold eyes, which is common to them all. Their hair is often worn short, to keep out of the way, and looks like greenish brown hay plastered to their heads. They are not particularly strong or tough. They tend to wear dark, stained work clothes, baggy and comfortable, except for occasions or mages, then wearing soft robes in earthen tones.

Racial Relations: The Faod are friends of everybody, especially those with new information. Few Faod have any concept of secrecy, leading to the expression ‘Abair a Faod ceann runda, Abair a Domhanda’ (Tell a Faod one secret, and you tell the world too). This, however, has lead their cities to be the information capitals of the world, for scientific and historical knowledge. Nevertheless, they dislike none of the major races for any reason other then negative personal association.

Alignment: Besides a large tendency towards chaos, Faod can be found of any creed and discipline.

Land: Primarily in the far south and north, on the coastline, though rumors of a secret Faod city in the ‘Lus an Tseann Duine’ are prevalent, if discounted. They are also the second most common race in any city, behind Diadhair.

Language: Faod and Diadharn (Common)

Racial Traits: +2 Intelligence, 2 Strength Extremely smart, though lacking in strength due to their size.
Small-Bonuses of being small.
Base Speed-20ft.
+1 racial bonus to saving throws- Faod are made of something different then everyone else- and they get hurt a lot less for it.
+2 bonus on Craft Checks- Faod are good with their hands.
Skill Focus (+2) with any three craft or knowledge skills; or Spellcraft and Spell Focus(Any)- Faod are trained in several disciplines.
Spell-like Ability- Mending 1/day, Presidigtation 1/day, Read Magic 1/day- Faod are creatures of Earth, with some magic, and all are trained in the simplest and most useful cantrips.

Racial Desc- Acharradh (The Mountain Men)

Summary: The men of the south, belonging to the mountain ranges, are stout of heart and stature, owing to low tunnels, and known for their gaiety and workmanship.

Personality: The Acharradran are known for their love of festivities, drink, and jest. In all they do, most cannot resist the passion of their work, and the passion of the moment. Quick to all emotion, they prefer humour and joy, and take pride in all they do.

Physical Description: Standing about 3 feet tall, and three feet wide, they much resemble brick walls, with their hairless features and rocky skin. Time spent in the tunnels has afforded them much protection, among other things.

Racial Relations: They have no love for those hard-bitten and spiteful Duine Sith, but otherwise get along with any race that enjoys a lark- they especially love to work with Faod.

Alignment: Primarily neutral, tending towards chaos. Few are neutral good or evil, however.

Land: Orithen.

Language: Charan and Diadhairn.

Racial Traits:
+2 Consitution, 2 Dexterity Known for their robust bodies, they have lost some of the agility of men for their time spent honing other skills.
Smallish- While small sized, they count as medium creatures.
20ft, with no reduction from armour.
Stonecraft and metalurgy- +2 bonus on skill checks involving stone, and working with metal. (DM’s options)
Darkvision:60 ft.
+1 natural armor bonus.

Racial Desc- Laghairt Sannda (The Desert Wanderers)

Summary: Lizard folk, men long forgotten, have reappeared in the last few centuries, twisted by their dependence and existence in the desert. Their skin scaly, their faces alien, they are no longer recognized as men, but they have lost nothing of the determination and honor that has allowed them to survive.

Personality: They are often few of words, and long of temperament. Few have seen a Laghairten truly angry, though they do, with association with others, copy their emotional states so that they are less eerie. You never truly know what a laghairten truly feels, unless he tells you specifically.

Physical Description: About 6 feet tall, with scaly skin, appearing much like a man. They have tails half again their body length, and all a rusted dark green, almost black. They still retain a fairly human-looking mouth, and pronounce a heavily accented common.

Racial Relations: They are no one’s friend, but fear and loathe none. They feel a kinship, however, to the Duine Sith.

Alignment: Almost always lawful. The deserts harsh ways kills rogues and outsiders quicker then hungry mouths feed.

Land: The Desert.

Language: Diadhairn

Racial Traits: +2 Strength, 2 Intelligence While strong and somewhat crafty, the desert-folk are not particularly learned.
Medium size
30 ft land speed
+4 bonus to balance checks- Laghairtens are helped in balancing by their tail.
Run and Endurance- All laghairtens are culled by the desert, and those that survive to adulthood have the speed and stamina to survive in harsh environs indeed.
Endure elements- The physical structure of the Laghartians causes them to have a continual endure elements (but not their items) effect on them.
Spell-like ability 2/day Longstrider (lasting 1 hour)
Self Sufficent-+2 bonus on survival and heal checks.
Desert Familiarity-+2 bonus on all checks involving a desert locale, including Spot, Listen, Hide, Move Silently, Survival, Balance, Climb, Ride, and Search.
Animals of the desert are initially friendly with Laghairten, and are often used as pack animals. Laghairten get a +2 to ride and handle animal checks involving desert denizens.
+1 AC bonus and attack bonus when fighting aberrations, magical beasts, and undead- Laghairtens have long been the sworn enemies of those that should not be, and are well-trained in their destruction. On a successful Knowledge check that can be used on such monsters, they remember enough of their lessons on that creature to be extra effective.

Racial Desc: Duine Tiarna

Summary: The graceful and magical Tiarna, are known as the wisest of the races of men. Spending years harnessing the power of men and the land, they are the longest lived, and least appreciated. They cull the useful information out of their peers, and use it to further their own, secretive studies. Living in small communities, they have one major city in the north, and depending primarily on their cousins, the Duine Sith, for martial means.

Personality: Cocky and crafty, they feel that they have been given the wisdom and intelligence to see this world restored to its full beauty. They do not believe the legends- they know they’re truth. They are not particularly mean-spirited or rude, but have a supreme self-confidence that is sometimes mistaken for arrogance. They often speak in a flowery language, and consider themselves true students of magic.

Physical Description: Standing between 5 and a half and 7 feet tall, they are willowy and unseemly in their nature. Not gangly in the least, it is still disconcerting to see the ghostly visage looking down upon you. They prefer flowing robes where possible, otherwise they wear gold and purple trappings with multi-purpose garments.

Racial Relations: They treat the Duine Sith well, when they hold their cheek, and seek to care for all the races, despite the other races feelings of their ‘meddling.’

Alignment: Tends toward good, though the best and worst are found among them.

Land: North Woods.

Language: High Duin, Duin, and Diahairn. (Common)

Racial Traits:
+2 Wisdom and +2 Intelligence, 2 Con and Strength Wise and intelligent, they are frail indeed.
Keen Senses-+2 Spot, listen search and find doors 5 ft.
Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Detect poison (all 1/day), Cure light wounds, Sleep, Shield, and Sanctuary (1 of the above/day)- They have studied magic, and are adept at several cantrips and first level spells.
Spell Focus (any), or a +2 save vs. school of choice, or Weapon Focus (Any Racial Proficient)- they have spent years learning their choice of craft.
Weapon Proficiency- Longsword, Longbow, Shortbow, Short sword, large, small shields, rapiers, and bucklers.

Races of Misneach

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