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Misneach is a world consisting of 4 continents: Ebron, (East & West) Fir’las Ha’que, Gelu Perdo, and Orithen. There is also a set of islands off the southern coast of Ebron which are commonly referred to as The Four Brothers

“Ebron, home of the Races of Man and Earth, though only the Faod survive of the Races of Earth. Millenia ago tragedy struck, and legends tell of a harrowing escape from distant shores to make our home on a relatiely untouched continent. Discounted as wild fancy, the discovery of Fir’las Ha’que, the eastern continent, two-hundred fifty years ago has lead to mass exploration of it, with the first sure fact being the almost 70% mortality rate of those going beyond 50 miles from the shoreline. In the south, the Diadhairn(humans) and Acharradran make their home, while the northern and southern pennisuelas are home to the Faod. The Duine Sith control the forests, and the Laghairtens the desert.”

The Races of Misneach are not the same as those in regular D&D(3.5) world. They have their own unique set of characteristics and descriptions.

The Religious History of Misneach is filled with ancient lore and mystery. It is an mythohistorical explanation of the events of the past.

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Side quests in Ebron

The Four Brothers:
#The Four Brothers Expedition

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