Lizard folk, men long forgotten, have reappeared in the last few centuries, twisted by their dependence and existence in the desert. Their skin scaly, their faces alien, they are no longer recognized as men, but they have lost nothing of the determination and honor that has allowed them to survive.

Personality: They are often few of words, and long of temperament. Few have seen a Laghairten truly angry, though they do, with association with others, copy their emotional states so that they are less eerie. You never truly know what a laghairten truly feels, unless he tells you specifically.

Physical Description: About 6 feet tall, with scaly skin, appearing much like a man. They have tails half again their body length, and all a rusted dark green, almost black. They still retain a fairly human-looking mouth, and pronounce a heavily accented common.

Racial Relations: They are no one’s friend, but fear and loathe none. They feel a kinship, however, to the Duine Sith.

Alignment: Almost always lawful. The deserts harsh ways kills rogues and outsiders quicker then hungry mouths feed.

Land: The Desert.

Language: Diadhairn

Racial Traits: +2 Strength, 2 Intelligence While strong and somewhat crafty, the desert-folk are not particularly learned. Medium size 30 ft land speed +4 bonus to balance checks- Laghairtens are helped in balancing by their tail. Run and Endurance- All laghairtens are culled by the desert, and those that survive to adulthood have the speed and stamina to survive in harsh environs indeed. Endure elements- The physical structure of the Laghartians causes them to have a continual endure elements (but not their items) effect on them. Spell-like ability 2/day Longstrider (lasting 1 hour) Self Sufficent-+2 bonus on survival and heal checks. Desert Familiarity-+2 bonus on all checks involving a desert locale, including Spot, Listen, Hide, Move Silently, Survival, Balance, Climb, Ride, and Search. Animals of the desert are initially friendly with Laghairten, and are often used as pack animals. Laghairten get a +2 to ride and handle animal checks involving desert denizens. +1 AC bonus and attack bonus when fighting aberrations, magical beasts, and undead- Laghairtens have long been the sworn enemies of those that should not be, and are well-trained in their destruction. On a successful Knowledge check that can be used on such monsters, they remember enough of their lessons on that creature to be extra effective.


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