Fir'las Ha'que

*This continent is divided into two parts: East and West.

Location: East and West most lands of Misneach.

Hidden, magical cities exist within the forests of this land. The people who live within these forests are rumored to know prophecies and legends of the Ancient world that have long been forgotten by Ebronian scholars. Many travelers from Ebron have either gotten lost or perished, although the mainland has managed to set up a port city along the coast of East Fir’las Ha’que. Not much else is known about this land. The hidden cities have yet to be discovered, though many who have ventured passed the port city boundaries have returned enchanted spewing speak of magical cities. However, not one traveler has returned baring the same stories- the cities have ranged from ones of blinding silver to ones high above the ground and within the trees or even within the sky.

Known Cities:
Location: Along the southern coast of East Fir’las Ha’que.
Description: A port city along the coast of East Fir’las Ha’que. It is the first settlement to these lands sent by the Kingdom of Elwood.

Fir'las Ha'que

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