The Faod are an enlightened race of engineers and scientists. Strange, bizarre, and something more then mad, they are seen as quirky geniuses, and many a scholar and mage visit their cities regularly. There is a goodly amount of travelers among them- more so then any other race besides the Diadhair.

Personality: *Faod are inquistive and quirky, at best. At worst, they are disruptive and mad. Most fall somewhere in between, and happily live their lives experimenting and building, experiencing and learning. The Faod have a penchant for curiosity that has led to the comment, ‘fiosracht maru, coitanta Faod’ (Curiosity kills, most often foad.) They have no common predispositions unlike many other races, Besides a love of science and magic and innate curiosity, making each Faod different from the last.

Physical Description:* Faod stand between 3 and 4 feet tall, with light or dark, ruddy skin, making them look much like little mud men, except for their striking green and gold eyes, which is common to them all. Their hair is often worn short, to keep out of the way, and looks like greenish brown hay plastered to their heads. They are not particularly strong or tough. They tend to wear dark, stained work clothes, baggy and comfortable, except for occasions or mages, then wearing soft robes in earthen tones.

Racial Relations: The Faod are friends of everybody, especially those with new information. Few Faod have any concept of secrecy, leading to the expression ‘Abair a Faod ceann runda, Abair a Domhanda’ (Tell a Faod one secret, and you tell the world too). This, however, has lead their cities to be the information capitals of the world, for scientific and historical knowledge. Nevertheless, they dislike none of the major races for any reason other then negative personal association.

Alignment: Besides a large tendency towards chaos, Faod can be found of any creed and discipline.

Land: Primarily in the far south and north, on the coastline, though rumors of a secret Faod city in the ‘Lus an Tseann Duine’ are prevalent, if discounted. They are also the second most common race in any city, behind Diadhair.

Language: Faod and Diadharn (Common)

Racial Traits: +2 Intelligence, 2 Strength Extremely smart, though lacking in strength due to their size. Small-Bonuses of being small. Base Speed-20ft. +1 racial bonus to saving throws- Faod are made of something different then everyone else- and they get hurt a lot less for it. +2 bonus on Craft Checks- Faod are good with their hands. Skill Focus (+2) with any three craft or knowledge skills; or Spellcraft and Spell Focus(Any)- Faod are trained in several disciplines. Spell-like Ability- Mending 1/day, Presidigtation 1/day, Read Magic 1/day- Faod are creatures of Earth, with some magic, and all are trained in the simplest and most useful cantrips.


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