Duine Sith

The Duine Sith are the men of the forest- long adapted to the ways of the wild. Giving up a small portion of their humanity for a closer understanding of nature, these men have become silent shadows and hunters, known for their martial prowess and there complete mastery of the terrain- as enough have made their homes elsewhere to show that no matter where they go, they have garnered mastery of the land.

Personality: The Duine Sith are short, to the point, and often caustic in nature. The Forest is not one to pull punches, and neither are they. They speak their mind where’re they go, and see no wrong in a harsh word, for as they say, ‘Crua focail ata iarmha Faoi; Gear cliamthe ata congarnach a’Bas-Harsh words are as leaves falling, sharp swords as Death’s Whisper. (A harsh tongue is easily forgotten, but an untoward act remembered.) They are, however, known throughout the land as loyal and stalwart companions- and few have ever gone back on their word.

Physical Description: They stand tallest at 5 and a half feet, with many being between 4 and 5 feet tall. They tend to have darker skin, as those who spend much time outside, but come in any common Diadhairn shade. Their hair is always dark, in all shades of brown, from auburn to black-brown. Their eyes, however, change with the terrain, from a stormy gray in mountain ranges to a green-brown in forests. It has also been known to change with strong emotion. Also, their skin has this quality, though it is hard to notice. They tend to wear armor at all times, of varying usefulness, and mostly leather.

Racial Relations: They find the nature of Faod disconcerting, and have a love-hate relationship with their cousins, the Duine Tiarna, despite their closeness. They find Acharradran somewhat frivolous, and Diadhairn untrustworthy until proven. They see the Laghairten as spiritual brothers.

Alignment: They come in all shades, but few are chaotic, as they find themselves well grounded and true.

Land: Everywhere, but specifically, the forests.

Language:Duin and Diadhairn (Common)

Racial Traits:+2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma: Duine Sith are agile, but harsh. Medium 30 ft land speed. +2 Racial Bonus to Hide checks- Their skin and eyes change to match their surroundings. It’s hard to notice, but is mildly effective. Weapon Proficency- Longsword, Longbow, Shortbow, Short sword, large, small shields, rapiers, and bucklers. Low light vision. +2 bonus to listen, spot, search. Hidden doors=5ft. Self-Sufficent- All are trained in the ways of the wild. +2 bonus to survival and heal checks. Track, Endurance, or Run- All Duine Sith have an aptitude for speed, stamina, or searching.

Duine Sith

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