The men of the south, belonging to the mountain ranges, are stout of heart and stature, owing to low tunnels, and known for their gaiety and workmanship.

Personality: The Acharradran are known for their love of festivities, drink, and jest. In all they do, most cannot resist the passion of their work, and the passion of the moment. Quick to all emotion, they prefer humour and joy, and take pride in all they do.

Physical Description: Standing about 3 feet tall, and three feet wide, they much resemble brick walls, with their hairless features and rocky skin. Time spent in the tunnels has afforded them much protection, among other things.

Racial Relations: They have no love for those hard-bitten and spiteful Duine Sith, but otherwise get along with any race that enjoys a lark- they especially love to work with Faod.

Alignment: Primarily neutral, tending towards chaos. Few are neutral good or evil, however.

Land: Orithen.

Language: Charan and Diadhairn.

Racial Traits: +2 Consitution, 2 Dexterity Known for their robust bodies, they have lost some of the agility of men for their time spent honing other skills. Smallish- While small sized, they count as medium creatures. 20ft, with no reduction from armour. Stonecraft and metalurgy- +2 bonus on skill checks involving stone, and working with metal. (DM’s options) Darkvision:60 ft. Stability +1 natural armor bonus.


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