Ly'alin Faerdawn


Character Stats
Bard: 8 Levels
Shadowdancer: 2 Levels


AC:19 (10+Dex)
(Touch: 14,Flat-Footed: 15)

Fort: +3 (2+1 Item)
Ref: +14 (9+4+1 Item)
Will: +7 (6+1 Item)

Combat Stats
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft

Base Attack: +7/+2
Melee Attack: +9/+4
Ranged Attack: +11/+6

Spell Casting/Music
Caster Level: 8
Base DC: 15

Spells per Day:
0: 3
1: 5
2: 4
3: 2

Spells Known:
0:Detect Magic, Ghost Sounds, Light, Lullaby, Read Magic,Prestidigitation
1:Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Silent Image, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
2:Tongues, Cure Moderate Wounds, Heroism, Rage
3:Glibness, Haste, Good Hope

Inspire Courage +2
Inspire Competence

Gold: 75 gp

Neck: Cloak of resistance +1
Body: Mithral Chain Shirt +1
Hands: Gloves of Shadow Manipulation

Quiver of Ehlonna
Lute of the Elements
Charging Wand

Wand of Cure Moderate wounds (3rd)
Wand of Magic Missle (5th)

4 Feather Fall
4 Disguise Self
4 Enlarge Person
4 Reduce Person
2 Invisibility
2 Knock
1 Blink

Combat Reflexes
Skill Focus (Perform)
Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)

Class Features
Bardic Music
Bardic Knowledge
Hide in Plain Sight
Uncanny Dodge

Appraise: 2
Balance: 4
Bluff: 5
Climb: 2
Concentration: 11 (11 Ranks)
Diplomacy: 15 (5+10 Ranks)
Disguise: 2
Escape Artist:4
Forgery: 2
Gather Information: 5
Heal: 0
Hide: 17 (4+13 Ranks)
Intimidate: 5
Jump: 2
Listen: 0
Move Silently: 17 (4+13 Ranks)
Perform: 23 (5+13 Ranks+3 Feat+2 Item)
Ride: 4
Search: 2
Sense Motive: 0
Spot: 0
Survival: 0
Swim: 2
Use Rope: 4

Trained Only
Decipher Script: 5 (5 Ranks)
Spellcraft: 15 (2+13 Ranks)
Tumble: 17 (4+13 Ranks)
Use Magic Device: 21 (5+13 Ranks+3 Feat)


Arcane: 15 (2+13 Ranks)


Ly’alin Faerdawn is a wanderer and a story teller. He much rather watch great battles and Hero’s being born than be in their shoes. His easy going personality and quite demeanor make it easy for him to be over looked. Ly’alin is the type who would rather talk his way out of a life or death situation than pull sword and fight. This often give off the impression of him being timid. But when put to a corner he will draw his blade and strive for life.

Ly’alin Faerdawn was born in the slums of a large city, of who’s name he had long forgotten. Growing up in poverty as on orphan, Ly’alin learned early that the world is ruled by the strong and that he was not one of them. He had neither wealth nor strength, and his one talent availed him little in the life chosen for him. That was at least his first believe. This however changed when he met Ostillious Westerton.

Ostillious, was a member of a traveling troupe, and on one dark night in a drunken stupor, he heard a soothing sound in the night. As he dwindled away at his liquor, he listened to a boy, quietly singing for a chance at a few coppers. Few paid much attention, as they sulked into their own bottles and spoke over the soft sound. As the night ended and the boy left empty handed, Ostillious looked on.

On that same night, as the boy, Ly’alin walked home in the darkness, sudden noise behind him sent him in to a quick turn as he faced a tall gruff man before him. The man seemed well out of his wits and the smell of alcohol lifted from his breath. A longsword swung at hip, and his clothes noted the man as being far away from their proper home. It was common for his type to come down to this end of town, they enjoyed their fun. As the thoughts passed Ly’alin’s head, he was instantly on guard, as he boldly looked at the mans face, meeting his eyes.

It was rough and unshaven, as if several days had passed since he bothered to clean himself. His tongue glanced over his dried lips as he slowly moistened them. He bore a half smile as he looked back at the boy before him, straitening his back and resting his hands on his belt, conspicuously close to his sword. Slowly the boy started to back off before the man suddenly spoke. It was a dark and crackling voice, “You have some talent boy.” With these few words the boys destiny changed before him. It was here where his story was just beginning, though that story its self is insignificant and small.

But, now grown into his own, the great story of others begins…

Ly'alin Faerdawn

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