Duke Alteaus

the Grand Duke of Achoille an Ear.


Leonin Alteaus is the adored Grand Duke of the human domain. He resides in the capitol city of Elwood and presides over the many Barons who split up the state. He is very well liked within the city and is known to be a very fair and level-headed individual. He is unmarried currently with no current heirs to the thrown. That being, many have tried to offer their daughters or other girls to him in the chance of becoming the next Duchey family.

Most commonly referred to as “Duke Alteaus,” he is a broad fellow with grayish hair and striking blue eyes. He has a rather infamous deep voice and can instantly silent a room with a single word. Alteaus makes it a point to train the younger soldiers himself and can be seen walking about the city- even the outer farmlands- regularly. He regards his people as his top priority, more important than even himself. For that, he has the loyalty of almost all his people.

Duke Alteaus

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